Strong Flying Birds/Excellent Hunting Fields

Members can reserve a private field for themselves and their guests any day of the week from September 15th to March 31st. Each of our fields are in an area that gives you and your guests privacy— you will not be waving to other members in the field next to you. If you own a bird dog, you can make a reservation and hunt by yourself or with guests. If you do not have a dog, a guide with a dog can be arranged for a fee. Just call or text the manager with the date, time, and number of birds you wish to hunt. And let him know if you need a guide. If you are bringing a guest(s) he needs this information as it allows him to put you in the best field for that day. You are requested to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. Sooner if you need a guide. You can request a field; every effort will be made to accommodate the request; however, it is the Managers decision. Members are allocated 30 birds as part of their annual dues. Additional birds can be purchased. There is a guest fee when hunting with non-members or family. Several times a year the manager holds tower shoots open to members and their guests to enjoy the camaraderie of a group hunting experience.

The pheasants are raised in large, enclosed pens planted with sorghum and corn. This environment allows the birds to roam freely and fly in the pens. This specialized attention means that the birds are good fliers, provide excellent sport, and an outstanding meal. Quail, when available, can be used for pre-season dog training and for hunting during the season. Chucker and Huns can also be hunted if available. When the hunt is over you can relax in comfort in the clubhouse while sitting in front of the floor to ceiling stone fireplace.

Membership is limited to ensure ready access to the club facilities. Applicants can apply and be placed on a waiting list if membership is at the maximum. An application is available in the Membership Section.