Answers to Common Questions

Fill out the application on the Membership page, and mail to the club with a non-refundable check for $100. Once your application is accepted you will meet with the Board of Directors or members of the Board. After that your name will be presented to the membership for approval. We are committed to members who are passionate about the safe pursuit of wing-shooting and keeping the tradition vibrant.

Membership is limited to 55. There is a fillable application on the Membership page. If there are no openings, you can choose to be put on the waiting list. Openings generally occur every year or two. Please check by calling, 518.392.3468, or emailing,, the club before you send in your application and fee.

Please see the Membership page for the present year. New members’ initiation fee and dues are payable upon being accepted in the club. Yearly dues are mailed in January and must be paid in full by February 15th.

If you know someone in the club, they can sponsor you. If you do not know a member, Board members will be listed as your sponsor after meeting with you.
The club is 455 acres, most of which is dedicated to fields for bird hunting. It has a 2,400 square foot club house, pond, 400 yard shooting range and skeet, wobble trap and flurry shooting games.
The season begins on September 15th and ends March 15th. Most years the New York State Department of Conservation extends the season until April 15th.
Generally, no. You may hunt pheasant, quail, chucker, or Huns on our preserve without a license. If you want to take other small or big game (i.e., deer), you will need a New York State hunting license. If you wish to hunt waterfowl or turkey, you will need the appropriate New York State license and Federal Duck Stamps. Ducks/Geese are waterfowl and can only be harvested with non-lead shot. You do not need a license to fish. Deer hunting is allowed and supported, but wing-shooting is emphasized.

Included in the annual dues are 30 pheasants. The first 30 pheasants you release count toward your quota. If you put out eight pheasants and shoot five, your quota is charged for the eight put out. If you put out eight, shoot them, and then shoot a “stray bird” (left in the field from someone else’s hunt), your quota will be charged for nine.

Guest Fee birds do not count against your quota. The Manager keeps sufficient birds in stock to meet all quotas and reserves for additional purchase throughout the season.

Yes. At your request the manager or member of the staff will do this for you. You can either have a whole bird or breasts. There is a small fee for this it is listed on the Membership page.

No, only cash or personal check. If you owe $50 or more, we will bill you. Invoices are due on receipt.
Yes. We generally like members’ dogs more than our members.
Yes. When you make a reservation let the manager know and he will arrange for a guide and dog for you and/or your party. You will be informed of the cost which, along with a tip, is paid directly to the guide.

Yes. There is a fee per guest. Please see the Membership page for the cost.

You can bring guests each time you hunt. However, you can only bring an individual guest three times during the hunting season. A spouse, children, grandchildren can come an unlimited number of times. You must accompany them.
Yes. It is 16 and hunters must have taken the New York State Hunter Safety Course. You must show the card to the manager before hunting.
Any member, their family or guests can use the club house before or after hunting, shooting, or fishing. However, the member must be at the club.

If you want to rent the club house for an overnight stay or a special occasion a reservation in advance is required.

Yes, during the off season. The fields and the pond are beautiful during the Spring and Summer. Come and hike or just sit on the patio and enjoy the view.

We are a professionally run pheasant farm in addition to being a member hunting preserve. Our bird program has been terrifically successful due to the commitment of our manager and his staff which allows us to sell our raised birds to area clubs, organizations, and stocking programs. Proceeds from the program allow us to keep dues at a reasonable level while keeping fields, physical plant and equipment in excellent repair. It also allows the Board to pursue long-range goals and upgrades to the club.